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I dug deep into the pre-blog picture archives and found pictures from a crazy girls’ weekend in Vegas. Let’s just say that my hopes of running for any political office just went down the drain. On the upside, there are also some pictures of food!

One of my favorite places to have brunch in Las Vegas is the Country Club at the Wynn. It’s nestled in the back of the Wynn, past the buffet. The 2-3 times that I’ve been, there was never a wait. People just never make it past the buffet. I love the food and decor here. Something about plaid and dark wood trim makes me very hungry.

I started out with the honeydew smoothie which was very refreshing and helped to clear my palate.

Nancy 154

I guess the girls and I were feeling eggy that morning because we ordered regular omelette (I don’t remember what was inside.) and a scramble with slices of thick bacon.

Nancy 155

My favorite dish of the bunch was the corn chowder. The chowder actually came in a metal coffee carafe sort of thing and was poured onto the soup bowl then garnished at the table. It had a slightly smoky flavor and not too thick. The corn niblets were still crunchy which I liked because I hate overcooked corn even if it’s in a chowder. Unfortunately, the Country Club does not have this item on their menu anymore. What, golfers don’t need corn chowder in their diet? Sadness.

Nancy 156

I’m usually a eggs and waffle type brunch person but we were in Vegas after all so I felt adventurous and ordered some shrimp cocktail. It was fresh but I could have done without it.

Nancy 158

For people who like a heartier meal in the morning or need to cure that awesome hangover from the night before, they also have meaty options. On another trip to Las Vegas, this time with to-be-Hubs, we had  burgers and sausages.


I’m a sucker for presentation and little details. Spot the pretzel breadsticks under the sausages! I believe their sausages are a specialty at the Country Club. They were tasty but what I really enjoyed was the 3 types of mustard that came along.


I recommend sitting out in the veranda if possible as you get a gorgeous view of the 18th hole and waterfall.


This restaurant is a must go in Vegas.I know it’s almost impossible but next time anyone is in Vegas,  try try try and resist the urge to buffet and give Country Club a try. The setting and food is fresh breath of air in Sin City.

The Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (888)352-3463

Starbucks Breakfast Blend was my drug of choice in the mornings at least when my dealer from Costa Rica stopped supplying me with their local stash. However, my sister introduced me to Dunkin Donuts coffee – original blend and now I’m a die hard fan. Dunkin Donuts original blend has a heavier roasted taste and it doesn’t give me yucky coffee breath like Starbucks coffee did.


The price per bag is around $8.99 and you can find it at your local Target or grocery store. Get it free sample here!  Since you’re online already, go waste some  more time  here and create a donut!

After hearing about the bacon chocolate dessert at Animal Restaurant, I was intrigued. Bacon+ chocolate is the hottest couple right now so I had to get the inside scoop myself. Animal Restaurant takes reservations over the phone starting at 2pm everyday. I was feeling hopeful and called on Good Friday to see if I can get a same day reservation. I did. I proclaimed my love for the lady over the phone and hung up giddy.

The restaurant is literally doors down from Canter’s in Hollywood. There is no sign outside the restaurant though. We were greeted by the lovely hostess (I think she’s the one that got some Nanciful lovin’ over the phone earlier.) The restaurant only seats around 40 with a small bar in the back. They serve the full menu at the bar as well. I love the lofty feeling of the space and eclectic choice of music from 70′s/80′s/90′s


Our very nice waiter handed us our menus on parchment type paper. The menu changes daily and everything is bought local. They have a extensive list of starters. Hubs and I made a pact to have a dinner of appetizers on our next visit. We end up choosing the pork belly with kimchi, peanuts, chili soy and scallions and the melted petit basque with chorizo and garlic bread.


I’ve had pork belly from various higher end restaurants and Animal has THE best pork belly hands down. The dish was a good crossover between American pork belly and Asian flavoring with the kimchi and scallions.


The melted basque was a good glop of gooey goodness. The garlic bread is made how garlic bread should be made.with chunks of garlic embedded in the bread.

Next are the entrees. Hubs ordered the pork chops and I order the Mexican shrimp.

After a bite of the pork chop, Hubs gasped and claimed: “THIS IS PORK??!”

“Of course this is pork! You ordered pork chops!”

Hubs takes another bite. “IS THIS BEEF?!”

“Let me try! MMM..let me try one more bite to make sure.”

After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that the chefs at the Animal Restaurant are geniuses! And yes it IS pork. Hubs continues to be incredulous at the juicy texture of his entree and proclaims that these are the BEST pork chops ever.

grilled pork chop, farro, apple, cipollini, grainy mustard


Does that look like pork to you?


I’m a seafood fiend. So I had to order the Mexican shrimp with beans. It was a generous dish with a very zangy broth.


By this time, Hubs and I were STUFFED but glowing and happy. We were full. However, we will fight on and do what we came here for originally, the bacon chocolate crunch bar. I had to take a shot with flash since I wanted the bacon to show up in the picture. Isn’t she a beauty? The chocolate bar even looks like a slab of bacon. Love it! I usually do not order anything chocolate as my dessert because chocolate can get too sweet. But the salty bacon counterbalanced the sweetness of the chocolate filing. I wish Animal Restaurant would package it like Snickers.


Hubs chose Joe’s Caramel Donuts. Look, you get 4 donuts! They were lightly coated with caramel sauce and the texture was amazing. Slightly crunchy outside and semi spongy, semi banana bread texture inside.


There are always hits and misses with trying a new restaurant. However, everything at the Animal was a HIT. The bill only came out to $140 including 2 glasses of wine, tax and tip. It is a steal for the quality and quantity of food and service you get.

Next time we plan to come with a big group so we can try more starters. Animal has officially made it to my top five.

Animal Restaurant
435 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 782-9225

Breakfast and/or brunch is my FAVORITE meal of the day. It is also the only  “regular” meal of the day that is okay to have only sweet goodies as your main course.

One of my favorite B/B dish is the waffle with warm banana and walnut topping at the Omelette Parlour in Santa Monica. The gooey topping is so tasty that syrup is not necessary but of course provided for you.


This delicious deserves a close up.WORK IT BA-BEY!


Truth be told, I have never had an omelet at the Omelette Parlour. They do have a variety of omelets and other breakfast choices such as ham steak and french toast and blah blah blah. But it’s the waffle with warm banana and walnut topping that keeps this diner going back. A note for pancake lovers, they do NOT serve pancakes on the weekends. Yeah I know..strange. But even more of a reason to try the waffle!  But if you are a pancake lover as much as I am a waffle lover, they have pancakes at the Farmers Market down the street on Sundays.  Other topping choices includes strawberry and blueberry but the warm banana and walnut topping is hands down the best.

Omelette Parlour

2732 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 399-7892

My favorite t-shirt that I own has Cookie Monster on it along with the words Me Love Carbs. I do love carbs but I try my darndest to stay away because carbs just makes me BIG. At 5’0, BIG is not a good look on me.

Anyways, there should be a t-shirt with my face on it, sinking my teeth into the delicious crustacean along with the words Me Love Crabs. I was organizing files on my laptop the other day and there are pictures of me devouring chili crab in Singapore, pictures of me finishing up the dungeoness crab in the whole schbang sauce at Boling Crab, pictures of me posing happily with my bucket of crab legs at Rockin’ Baja. However, my all time favorite crab dish is the typhoon shelter style garlic crab at Seafood Village in Monterey Park.

One of Seafood Village’s house specialties is the garlic crab. Crab is fried with chopped garlic and some green and red chili. Although there some chili in the dish, it’s not spicy at all. The surface of the crab has a buttery taste and is slightly crispy coating. The meat under that is tender and juicy. I can just go here and eat this dish only, straight up.



TA-DAH x 2!!


Another house specialty at this restaurant is their house chicken.  It may look like your run of the mill Chinese steamed chicken but the meat is so tender and glistens with whatever makes it glisten. It’s just yummy. The chicken is served with a scallion and ginger sauce for dipping.  This is also a must order at Seafood Village.


Another one of my favorite dishes here is the clam hot pot with glass noodles. This is a spicy dish so people who are challenged in that area should probably start out with a couple of sips first.As you can see from the picture, they do not skimp on the clams. The celery gives the dish a refreshing crunch and neutralizes the spiciness.


I apologize for the quality of these pictures since these were taken with my iPhone during the time my camera was missing. There are lots of other items on their menu that are pretty good but these are my top three dishes. Great, it’s almost midnight and now I’m hankering me some garlic crab.

Seafood Village
684 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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