Wow, has it been almost a year since I last updated?! But believe me when I say that I’ve missed blogging and food adventures. But I have been doing a little cookin’ myself…..

Since my last post, I :

-Had a bun in the oven and mini Nanciful arrived in June

-Was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which really put a damper on my pregnancy cravings (and my food blog)

-Became a homeowner (I am still living with nightmares from the renovations)

-Was certified as a yoga teacher (yes while pregnant!)

-Went 5 days without showering or washing my hair (part of my30 days  postpartum confinement, more on this later)

-Ate ginger and black chicken almost everyday during those 30 day confinement diet

Hence the lack of time to update blog and lack of effort on my part. Unfortunately for me, during the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I had MAJOR morning sickness. All I could eat was Lays original potato chips, black bean chicken with rice and thousand year egg porridge from Phoenix and Coco Puffs with milk. So not a lot of content for this blog. However, I aim to start (food) blogging again on a regular basis soon and really looking forward to my re-entry into the world. Just wanted to drop a quick hello to those who still remembers this little ole’ blog.