I found my camera, I found my camera! It was in Hubs’ car this whole time! I drove his car to the dentist and put it in that little comparment in between the seats. However, I only have a teensy shred of memory of my doing that.  Scary how quickly my memory is going…:(

HOWEVER….when I went to upload my pictures, my laptop spazzed(is that a real word or did I say something bad in Gen Y terms?) on me! The monitor is doing all sort of crazy, mini flea race squares all over the screen. Hubs said that it’s very common for Dell laptops to do that. Boo. So my food blogging is now halted once again due to technical difficulties. ( I’m writing on his MacBook.)

I don’t know what’s going on but maybe the food blog gods are speaking to me? Hopefully all this bad tech karma will go away soon.